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About Alchemic Design

Pencil drawing of Michael Cutter

Mike Cutter, Director

Mike is an Australian web designer based in Melbourne, is a sole trader who has been providing graphic design, print design, IT support, web & software development for more than 25 years. Mike’s first commercial website was for On Being Magazine in 1995.

Michael lives with his family in in Kew, Victoria but provides services to clients from all over Australia and New Zealand.

In September 2020, Mike rebranded and began trading as Alchemic Design to focus on web and graphic design.

Alchemic Design provides graphic/print design and web design to suit a range of budgets and requirements, with a particular focus on partnering with small businesses and not-for-profit organisations.


Why ‘Alchemic Design’?

Alchemists as early scientists pursued a dream of transmuting lead into gold - a metal that has many similarities, and yet is fundamentally absolutely different in quality, nature and appeal. The name Alchemic Design references that dream. Over the years I have found that often, rather than coming to the table with just a need, my clients have an existing website that needs modernisation, or an idea for a logo or print design that needs to be refined or professionalised. Clients have identified my ability to capture what they “really meant” as a unique strength, of turning ‘lead’ into ‘gold’. I pursue an approach of asking questions, seeking to fully understand your business or organisations’ needs, of listening to your vision, and turning that into reality. Hence the name, ‘alchemic’. Handily, it is also an anagram of MICHAEL C which calls back to my history as a sole trader for many years.

The logo is thus crafted from two alchemical symbols, one for lead, the other, gold, transforming from the first to the second. It is lightweight and modern, yet unique with hidden complexity.

Alchemic Logo