Servants Community Housing
Providing accommodation for people at risk of homelessness in Hawthorn & Kew, Servants needed a new identity after a name change from “Servants in Hawthorn”.
In 2011 Servants in Hawthorn was making big changes including expanding from one community housing facility based in Hawthorn, to three across different locations, and a new name “Servants Community Housing” was settled on. Alchemic Design worked closely with Servants to create a new identity that captured their unique characteristics as a housing organisation.


The old logo based on a house icon also used a colour which felt dated and overused. Servants also wanted a new colour palette that suggested stability and professionalism, and a logo that told more of their unique story.

Because the new name expressed clearly who they were and what they did, it gave us freedom to explore and incorporate some following core value and distinctive characteristics of Servants into the new design.

  • Community & inclusion
  • Shared meals
  • Christian faith-driven values, while being open to all

We included these through the representation of a shared table, with one chair being drawn towards the table, forming a subtle cross shape through use of negative space.

Amanda Donohoe
— CEO, Servants Community Housing


Like most businesses, Servants needed the usual array of stationery designed, but other implementations as well. These included:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Website


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